Olivia Sparnenn-Josh is a singer-songwriter from York, North Yorkshire.

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Olivia is available for vocals, studio, and collaboration work

She has primarily worked in the Rock, Folk and Progressive side of the music industry with an exceptional range and penchant for writing and performing powerful ballads


“I know we'll find our smile again, just close your eyes and remember when. We laughed and joked without a care, just close your eyes and he's right there”

Questioning Eyes

“So let it burn, Set the embers free, Let his colors fly, Let the moment freeze”


“Every choice we make, every path we pave, On your judgement day, will they come”

Box of Tears

“Watching the flowers fade, as the seasons change”

The Man Without a Name

“Shadows of yesterday, frozen in time”

The House on the Hill

“Every season without him, is never the same”

Wild Eyes Skies